The study of synaesthesia: bewtween neuroscience and design

Dina Riccò
in NODES 17-18 →

The article retraces the main stages that have marked the research on synaesthesia and detects two barely addressed issues: the history of synaesthaesia and its future prospects. First, the role and historical importance of Italian scholars (physiologists, aestheticians, historians, linguists) in identifying the synaesthetic phenomenon will be outlined, given how they are too often left out from the scientific production. Second, some applicative prospects drawing from the neuroscientific knowledge on synaesthesia in the field of design for content accessibility and the design for health and well-being will be further explored.

Per citare questo articolo:
Riccò, D. (2021). The study of synaesthesia: between neuroscience and design.
Nodes (17-18):113-119, Numero Cromatico Editore, Roma