Nodes Limited Edition Print by Jacopo Tomassini


Size: 32 x 45 cm
Walnut wood-frame with double museum glass
Edition of 50


Immagini sull’attualità and Nodes Limited Edition Print
Immagini sull’attualità is a column devoted to the illustrated narration of an event which had a central role in the national and international press. This section is handed over to artists who play around with the theme according to their design and research methods. Starting from issue 11-12, the project will be curated in collaboration with Untitled Association and includes a limited edition print signed by the artist.


The first edition of the project curated by Jacopo Tomassini
The topic chosen for Immagini sull’attualità 11-12 is the handshake between the two Korean leaders and the section has been curated by Jacopo Tomassini, Rome-based artist working with photography in multi-form ways. The photograph chosen for the first Nodes Limited Edition Print is untitled (paper plane) from the series Balance and Shape, 2018, printed in Risograph on Favini Burano Giallo Zolfo 250g.


Biography of Jacopo Tomassini
Jacopo Tomassini studied “History and Critics of Cinema” at the Università di Roma Sapienza and started working as an assistant director in various film productions. In 2015 he obtained a Master at the Fondazione Fotografia Modena. In 2010 he started working within the field of visual art, collaborating with various artists and exploring new areas of research and experimentation. Since 2012, his artistic research has been focusing on the use of various genres and techniques – from still life to collage, from performance to installation, from assemblage to portraiture – to question nature, ambiguity and contradictions of the photographic image, playing with its relationship with the other visual arts and communication media.