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Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi

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Nodes is a biannual publication established in 2011 by Numero Cromatico, a Rome-based research centre focusing on the relationship between art and neuroscience.

The journal aims at becoming a landmark for research projects on art and neuroscience, a subject matter that is gaining more relevance due to the rise of neuroaesthetics.


To this day, Nodes is a reference point for the latest visions on artistic research, promoting a new use of the scientific approach to various artistic fields: visual arts, literature, cinema, theatre, architecture, music and design.


Due to these characteristics, Nodes became a means for artists, scientists, Nobel prize winners and researchers from international universities to collaborate and work together, stimulating the circularity of knowledge and functioning as a platform on the potential developments of artistic research.


Nodes is currently the only Italian publication devoted to this topic and it thus became a benchmark for professionals and experts, as well as for students and amateurs.