Nodes Limited Edition Print by Numero Cromatico


Size: 32 x 45 cm
Walnut wood-frame with double museum glass
Edition of 50


Immagini sull’attualità and Nodes Limited Edition Print
Immagini sull’attualità is a column devoted to the narration via images of those events having a central role in the national and international press. This section is handed over to scholars, artists and professionals who are asked to conjugate the theme according to their own approach to research. The project is designed in collaboration with Untitled Association and includes a limited-edition print signed by the artist. 


The fourth edition of the project curated by Numero Cromatico
Lately, the international debate has been focusing on the impact of humans on the ecosystems of the earth and beyond. The Anthropocene – being the alterations that mankind is forcing on the balance of nature – has turned into something we must tackle without dithering. Based on this very premise, the theme chosen for this issue of Nodes is COEXISTENCE – corresponding to a way of thinking about the virtuous coexistence among human beings and the ecosystem, as well as the latter and new artificial technologies. This issue’s column is curated by Numero Cromatico.
The image chosen for the fourth edition of Nodes Limited Edition Print is “Io divento eterno” by Numero Cromatico, 2021, Risograph print on Favini Crush Kiwi 250 g.


Biography of Numero Cromatico
Numero Cromatico’s artistic research is based on the scientific approach to art, with a focus on neuroaesthetics, aesthetic psychology, literature, digital humanities and visual communication. The members of the collective are researchers with a background in both visual arts and neuroscience.  The artistic practice has evolved into different directions, including painting, environmental installations, artificial intelligence, as well as editorial and curatorial projects, workshops and events.
Numero Cromatico is also editor of Nodes, the only Italian bilingual publication on neuroaesthetics – now a reference point for artists and researchers worldwide.
The group is based in Rome, where an experimental space was opened in 2016 to share with the public the artistic and scientific research.